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Dinno Communications

SKT LTE treasure hunt event


Dinno Communication Inc. is an advertising agency which executed interactive advertisement for the first time in Korea. Dinno has vast number of customers from various industries from central governments like Seoul City to private enterprise like Sk telecom, Samsung Electronics.

Recently, Dinno opened a website for their promotion event, ‘SKT LTE treasure hunt with Yuna Kim’. In this event, you may guess where the treasure will be and move your mouse over to the place on the map. When you move your mouse over and click than you’ll get LTE speed of that area. Other than treasure hunt event, you can also see locations of official SK stores on the map.

Dinno used Google Maps API for this event, because Google Maps can be implemented various types of browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari) without any additional development and can be used in multi OS. Furthermore, Google Maps also provides detailed and fruitful sample sources and help documents.



  • Dinno Communications
  • Industry: Marketing
  • SKT LTE Treasure Hunt Event
  • Used Product: Google Maps API