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Trip Itinerary Planner


Earthtory is a trip itinerary planner to plan your trip with ease and a tool to search the best travel deals for individual travelers. With Earthtory, you can search for other travelers’ reviews and rates of restaurants, make wishlist of clips and memos on places with any device, compare hotels’ price and locations to make your trip the best. Recently, to fulfill user’s needs on mobile device, Earthtory launched mobile app too.

Are you still troubling to plan your trip and wasting time?

Recently, people pay attention to websites providing comparison on hotel, air ticket prices to make their trip different and special rather than package tour. However, people have trouble booking the best hotel that fits their plan. If you really want to book the best hotel satisfies prices, location and rates, you have to invest lots of time on it. Earthtory starts from there. Earthtory provides the best located hotel by your plan on Google Maps. If you click the best price and you will be redirected to the booking sites.

No Google Maps, No Earthtory

Earthtory started under the slogan ‘Design your own trip on maps’ and have always had Google Maps in mind from the very beginning. Joo-won Woo, the CEO of Earthtory, said “There is no Earthtory, if there’s no Google Maps. Domestic digital maps don’t support global map and other maps are also not stable yet.”

Also the CTO, Byeong-woo Jun said “Google Maps manuals are great. I have used other maps, but no other maps provide systematic manual like dictionary. Particularly, it is good that documents on necessary questions are well documented.”

Earthtory Going Global

Earthtory’s daily visitor is about 3,000 and stays 8-9 minutes on average. Earthtory is full of tourist’s reviews and useful tour tips around the world including East-northern Asia, Europe, Australia, South and North America.

Byeong-woo Jun, the CTO said “When the English version is published, we are planning to use Google Place API to use reviews on each places. It is a big advantage of Google Maps that we can match places with reviews for users.”

Won-woo Joo, the CEO added, “For a long term, we want to change the paradigm through Earthtory. Most of the times, people search cheap hotels and book hotel before they choose where to visit, but we want people to plan the tour route first and that book hotels according to their plans.”


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