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Korea 7 Street

Real Estate Service specialized for studios


Google Maps for real estate search  

Chilbunbang(meaning Room no.7 in Korean, website:http://korea7st.com/), a real estate offering website for studios, provides its service for tenants and leaseholders and help them directly connected to the real estate market. To improve the accuracy of the service, Chilbunbang chose Google Maps due to the reason that it can help users find satisfying results. On Google Maps, these services below are possible.

Major functions

  1. Drag and search

Users themselves can easily drag a certain area on the map and get the filtered and more accurate results about the rooms for rent.

  1. Search by names of the building, addresses and cities

Geocoding, one of Google Maps APIs, supports users search by the street name.

3. Share a room information with friends & get updated information

Users can have the updated information on their interesting area and rooms. Furthermore, it is available on both the web and mobile phone. Lastly, people can easily share it with their friends.

    1. Timeline

Users can share and see the comments about the room on sales. People can search either on map or filtering search.  Users can have more insightful result and easily search.

More services coming up next year

Korea Seven Street, a company providing Chilbunbang service, will improve its service – more accurate information about rooms on sales based on the analysis of the big data. From this information, people can know when rooms in a certain area are listed. Furthermore, Drag and search, alarm service are being applied for the patent.


    • Korea 7 Street
    • Industry: Real Estate
    • Applied field: Room Search
      • Used product: Google Maps APIs