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Avic Imaging Event Data Recorder

Event Data Recorder (EDR) Player Program


VIEW-i provides high-precision location information based service

In 2014, there are about 200 EDR companies available in Korea. The EDR market has grown rapidly since 2008 with the total sales of 47,000 to 1,950,000 in 2013. As EDR is able to track drivers’ behaviour, accident records, etc., there are more demands from the customers and leads to increased competition in the market. While, to sharpen its competitive edge, Avic Inc, the EDR imaging expert company combined its GPS system with Google Maps API in order to provide a high-precise location information service.

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The images stored in the EDR can be play by using a computer. All recorded videos are connected with GPS coordinates which allow users to check the travelled route. Besides that, there are also magnificent, satellite imagery mode and many other functions. Belows shows the functions of the playback display software:

<Event reporting, accurate location information and speed tracking functions>

EDR, an essential life protector

A research stated that, if all vehicles are equipped with EDR, 15-30% of the accident rate, 800-1600 vehicle crash deaths and 1.5-3 trillion of accident compensation fee can be cut down. As we know, most developed countries enforce EDR installment vehicles, while Seoul Metropolitan Government has also go into effect to fit taxi with EDR too. Based on this, we believe that the EDR market has much room for growth and bloom.


  • Avic Imaging
  • Industry: Event Data Recorder
  • Application field: Event Data Player Program
  • Used product: Google Maps API