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Overseas Trip Guide Service


Coupang is a Korean social commerce company which ranks first in Korea. Coupang offers a wide range of goods like beauty, fashion, food, kitchen utensils, and even tour packages at home and abroad. Especially, Coupang introduced Google Maps API into the tour package service abroad to offer a comparative map of tour packages throughout the world and a StreetView service.

Find a tour package just right for you

Everyone loves to travel, but everyone’s taste may differ considerably. With Coupang, you can intuitively compare several tour packages having in mind on a single map. It helps you choose a package which suits your taste most.

Experience the destination in advance  – Google Street View

Sometimes, it is frustrating that you can’t see the place or experience your trip ahead when you plan your trip. Coupang offers you a StreetView service to help you experience the travel destination in advance. 


  • Coupang
  • Industry : Social Commerce
  • Application field : Trip
  • Used product : Google Maps API