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Overseas Hotel Searching Service


HanaTour (http://www.hanatour.com/launched travel packages by branding them according to the customers’ various styles of travelling. It is composed of various themes including premium, low-priced, free individual travel, honeymoon, golf as well as package brands representing HanaTour.

The “FIT” trend features:

  • Customers share their personal traveling experience on blog or SNS platform.
  • Customers choose to get destination information on the use ofof mass media information sources in future trip planning.
  • Customers prefer Southeast Asia backpacking trip rather than Africa or South America.

Using Google Maps on Website


1. Hotels Reservation

Customers choose to use the map service because:

  • The service is provided after customers did their air ticket reservation;
  • Safe and reliable service;
  • Not only information about hotels, other traveling information is also provided;
  • Simplified digital payment service.

Besides accommodation fee, customers’ review from Trip Advisor is also be available.

Customers may also use the search filter function to get the nearby attractions and places of interest.

2. Better Review Function

By using Google Maps API, the search engine is optimized and, moreover, customers satisfaction has grown.


  • HanaTour
  • Industry: Tourism, Tourism development business, Cultural goods produced and retail, Internet business, etc.
  • Application field: Overseas Hotel Searching Service
  • Used product: Google Maps API