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Hyundai Logistics

Knowledge Logistics System


Hyundai Logistics has planted their position as Global Integrated Logistics Company  with Knowledge Logitstics System which is a combination of Hyundai’s advanced IT technology and systematic logistics.

By Knowledge Logistics System, users can check delivery information and results without any difference in every courier’s devices as one system. On the other hand, customer’s also can check delivery information of their parcels by real time.

Hyundai Logistics is planning to strengthen GIS area of Parcel Delivery System for strong data-analysis on delivery info, dynamic boundary delineation considering numbers of parcels, distance and etc.

Parcel Delivery System is one of the major references whereKnowledge Logistics System is developing as integrated logistics IT system. SPH Inc has great self-esteem that Google Maps can be part of this development.



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  • Knowledge Logistics System
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