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KT SeaOne Tracking

Global Satellite Solution


KT has the largest network infrastructure in Korea. It holds the biggest market share for public switched telephone network (PSTN) service, internet network, intelligent networks and mobile networks in the country. While the satellite services for ships has been provided since 1991 till today. KT uses Google Maps API to established its’ very own “SeaOne Tracking” telecommunication data solution service. And, it is has also been used in Araon ship, the Korean first research ice breaker ship.

Customized Monitoring Solution

SeaOne Tracking uses multiple remote satellite GPS terminal to support customized tracking service. The location of the ships will be tracked, using the high resolution Google satellite map image. Also, there is a image uploader platform available for customers to share information too.

ETA Simulation with Port Distance

Besides ship information and ETA stimulation, SeaOne Tracking provides ports information around the world too. By using the “Port Distance Table” function, customers are able to calculate the distance from port to port or ship to port.


  • KT
  • Industry: Telecommunication
  • Application field: Marine Asset Tracking
  • Used product: Google Maps API