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Korea Tourism Org.

iBuzz Korea


To  improve Korean tour sites and environment and attract more tourists so that Korea can be the world’s leading tourist place, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) have planned BuzzKorea (ibuzzkorea.com) project and opened its first geo-based service, Touch Tour Korea.

KTO needed friendly UI and strong, stable location finder service to use UCC (User Created Contents) efficiently on their service. Moreover, they needed international service to provide Korean map in English for foreigner tourists, but domestic digital maps only supported Korean at that time. Therefore, KTO chose Google Maps as their best choice.

Since location information is very useful for visitors and tourists in Korea, so it will be gradually updated in BuzzKorea Service.



  • Korea Tourism Org.
  • Industry: Tourism
  • Touch Tour Korea Service
  • Used Product: Google Maps API
  •  www.ibuzzkorea.com