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Smart Secretary Application, U Spoon


LG U+ developed ‘Smart Secretary – U Spoon’ application to help customers make out their schedules easily with their smartphones. Received the 2014 App Korea Award, U Spoon offers you various personal information about weather, rush-hour traffic, schedules, and contacts. This is why it is called ‘Secretary’ app.

U Spoon analyzes information about real-time traffic, holiday, location, and call log, then offers you exact notification and information. Based on Google Maps, U Spoon offers you direction service, information about public transportation and distance.

1. Traffic

U Spoon offers you real-time traffic information such as the fastest route and arrival time of bus and subway based upon your commuting information. You can also get an alarm message about arrival information of bus and subway, if you set up your route.

2. Restaurants

Using location information of smartphone, U Spoon gives you an information about nearest restaurants such as an address, price, business hours, seating capacity, and pictures. You can even call them right away.


  • LG U+
  • Industry: Mobile communication
  • Application field: Mobile Application
  • Used product: Google Maps API