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NHN (Naver Blog)

A World Map in Naver Blog


Everyday, tons of blog postings are updated on Naver, the No.1 portal site in Korea. A blog is a platform sharing various information about restaurants, travels, broadcasting, entertainment, and so on. Since June 2013, Naver started to offer a global map service with Google Maps which can be put on a posting. Thanks to this new service, now bloggers can attach locations of attractions or restaurants abroad and even overseas travel routes on their postings.

You can also check all your postings gathered and categorized by countries and regions on a large map.

In this case, the world largest coverage of Google Maps created a great synergy with Naver. For more details, you can check out here. [Source of pictures: Naver Blog]


  • NHN (Naver Blog)
  • Industry: Portal
  • Application field: A global map on blog
  • Used product: Google Maps API