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Google Maps for Target Marketing


In a rapidly changing fashion industry, PAT has grown to having annual revenues of 200 billion won from more than 300 retail stores nationwide.

1. Attract potential customers

Franchise fashion enterprises targeting women are in fierce competition. Therefore, attracting potential customers efficiently is the most important issue. 

PAT utilizes Google Maps to analyze customers’ address, frequently visiting stores, and mostly purchasing goods. PAT can infer patterns from the result, about existing customers those who affect sales, find the area where potential customers might reside, and promote target marketing.

2. Select a new store location

When opening a new store, PAT designs strategies by analyzing data such as store distributions of competitors, sizes of stores, floating population, and estimated income levels of hinterland population. After setting standards, PAT categorizes the business district into class A, B, and C, then matches store attributes to each standard.


  • PAT
  • Industry: Fashion
  • Application field: Analysis on marketing & Business district
  • Used product: Google Maps API