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Samsung S1

Ubiquitous, Vehicle Information System (UVIS)


People’s needs on security is becoming more fastidious since security is indispensable function in our personal life and enterprise environment. Samsung S1, the first and leading company in Korean security industry, chose Google Maps API to implement new service that can fulfill customer’s fastidious needs on security.

Ex-map API which S1 used was limited and less flexible because it only works on Active X environment. Therefore, to implement optimal solution that runs on various OS, S1 decided to use Google Maps.

S1 launched UVIS (Ubiquitous, Vehicle Information System) launched in October 2012 and emphasized cloud service that can promptly update geographic information and real time transportation information. Currently, UVIS has been applied to approximately 7,000 vehicles of various domestic companies including major bus and logistics corporation. These companies use UVIS to reduce cost by managing safe-driving, vehicle temperature and checking driving route, fuel consumption efficiently.


  • Samsung S1
  • Industry: Security / Monitoring
  • Ubiquitous, Vehicle Information System
  • Used Product: Google Maps API