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SK Planet

O2O Commerce Platform


What’s Syrup?

SK Planet’s Syrup (http://www.syrup.co.kr) brings smart innovation to the offline commerce market by using its O2O(Online to Offline) Commerce solutions. The company utilize mobile technologies that connect diverse online commerce platforms, while employing the latest information technologies to provide top-quality benefits and information tailored to individual customers. In addition, SK Planet’s wide variety of O2O Commerce services deliver the smartest commerce experience available, maximizing customer-related benefits such as saving them time and energy of tracking coupons and deals. While among all of the services offered, the “SK Wallet” and “SK Store” services are build based on Google Maps mapping technology.

How Google Maps has been implemented?

1) Reverse Geocoding

By using this function, store owner are able to track the current position of customers.

2) Google Maps Geolocation API 

It allows store owner to get more accurate indoor location data without the need to use a GPS.

Geolocation API defines a high-level interface to location information, such as latitude and longitude, which is linked to the device hosting the implementation. By looking at the cell towers and WiFi nodes that the mobile client, the API can detect and to triangulate clients’ location and returns an accuracy radius. Hence, it is suitable for users such as O2O commerce platform who aim to sends promotions messages to smartphone users who enter a defined geographic area.

3) Geofences

By using Google Maps API, user may have a more precise approach towards target customers.

As we knew that mobile users are increasing rapidly, the powerful features and functions that are available in the Google Maps API are getting a lot of public attention. In particular, the Geofences features from Google Maps. It is able to seize available potential customers by draw around any location on a map. With geofence capabilities, it can also deliver a more frictionless user experience that improves your key metrics, such as, customer satisfaction, retention, and engagement.


  • For storekeeper: Customers location information will provided for marketing strategy planning.

By using Geocoding technology, are able to track potential customers’ location information and convert it into true address for further marketing analysis. Besides that, it supports Syrup Mileage Cards, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon advertising, location-based mobile coupons transmitting service and etc. With the launching of “Syrup Story”, the “make everyone our regular customers” promotion will also be initiate in all branches.

  • For Customers: Able to track and redeem mobile coupons in once.

With Google Maps Geolocation API technology, customers are able to track or redeem mobile coupons anytime and everywhere according to current location. However, app users should keep their Bluetooth device on before they are able to receive app alert.

Google Maps APIs are free for a wide variety of use cases. It is not only applied in above mentioned functions, it is also available in most “Syrup” application series. Stop thinking and start to establish this “smart” customers managing platform today with Google Maps feature-rich API.


  • SK Planet
  • Industry: IT Service (Integrated Service Platform Specialist Service)
  • Application field: Mobile-based Online Commerce Application (Marketing)
  • Used product: Google Maps API