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Vehicle Monitoring Solution (Jeon-ryeong)


Efficient Vehicle Operation Management Solution, Messenger

The government legislated a duty of installation of DTG(Digital Tacho Graph), with the purpose of commercial vehicles’ safe driving and prevention of car accidents and environmental pollution. A lot of companies introduced vehicle management solutions to manage vehicles efficiently and save costs. Above them, Messenger is an internal vehicle control solution developed by Triphos, the leader of mobile solution industry.

Shifting its mapping service from a domestic mapping service to Google Maps API, Triphos launched Messenger. Messenger, the internal vehicle control solution for enterprise, offers you analysis on information about real-time vehicle operation and Eco-driving index per car both in web and mobile page.

Eco-driving index: To have a safe driving habit and save operation costs

Eco-driving index of Messenger is based on both National safety regulations on driving such as speed limit and safe distance and economic driving index like idling, rapid acceleration, and smoke gas emission. In a case of driving index per car, You can check it on the system. This index has been proved to be effective in saving costs and having safe driving habits.

The faster one, Google Maps API

Seong Un Ann, the leader of technological innovation team, who actually planned the Messenger solution, told “After we introduced Google Maps, the processing speed of our system got faster and therefore, customers’ satisfaction has been highly improved.”

An introducing video of Messenger, a vehicle control solution


  • Triphos
  • Industry: Vehicle control
  • Application field: Vehicle control solution Messenger
  • Used Product: Google Maps API